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YSciT™ is the embodiment of our love for teaching science as a way to engage young minds. This pursuit has been a project close to our heart since 2007. For a little over a decade, we have been developing the concept that anyone can learn science if it is presented in a relevant and engaging format.

Our experience has shown that it is possible to convey intricate topics to young children when they are able to concretely visualize and experiment the realm of science through all their senses guided by their curiosity.

Meet the scientists

Danielle Kioshima Romais MSc. obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences and Masters of Science in Environmental Sciences from Florida Atlantic University. She is currently a PhD candidate in Geosciences at FAU, working on her dissertation research about red imported fire ants.

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"As a young child, I was always intrigued by nature and how the world came to be. However, science was always perceived as hard, complicated and ultimately boring. It took years for me to overcome the fear of science. In college, I learned to love science and challenge my own limits to continue to learn and explore. I am inspired by great scientists such as Marie Curie, Jane Goodall, E.O.Wilson and Rachel Carson. Over the years, I have taught biology and environmental science to the general public, higher education and K - 12th graders. As a mother, a teacher and a scientist, I want to share this awe-striking inspiration with young minds, encouraging them to believe that it is possible to learn and be anything they want as long as they pursue it with all their might."


Jeff Romais MSc. attained his degree in geosciences including geospatial data analysis and geographic information systems. Additionally, he has a B.F.A. in Fine Arts with a concentration in Motion Graphics, Video and Photography.

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“In the pasts decades my attributes included educational print material and documentary production. The experience creating these materials stimulated me to pursue a graduate degree in Science.  More recently, I have been involved in graduate level curriculum production and research in addition to teaching technology and graphic design to 5th - 10th grades.

My greatest aim in life is to promote scientific literacy to younger students. Young children easily learn “advanced” scientific concepts because they are innately curious. It is our obligation to nurture this characteristic showing them how to observe, take notes and analyze large or small details of nature and of natural phenomena." LinkedIn profile



Sponsors and Partners

  • Capital Innovations Academy

  • A small 6th-12th grade private school that specializes in individualized instruction with a unique science and arts mastery program.

  • Carmichael Presbyterian Church

  • Vibrant, loving and caring people committed to supporting each other, the local community and those in need around the world.

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